About us

Even though we are young, we have many years of experience in digital advertising.

We really enjoy our work and know that the result of our work should always be happy client. That’s why we are one of the few companies that has a policy with creative work – if you are not satisfied, you pay nothing at all!

We stand for quality, which is a condition if we are to be paid for something. Do not hesitate to contact us!

About - - Verteco

We stop at nothing

Most of the complications that occur during the project are usually lesser then they look. We dont know the meaning of word “impossible”!

We love to explore​

Some industries are more challenging than others – but no challenge is too big for us!

We take it step-by-step

You will always know what we are working during our cooperation.  We take all the steps to move your business towards success in online advertising, but step-by-step!

We keep it simple

We will not burden you with over-detailed informations about all the technological stuff going on the inside of the website (if you are not interested in it, of  course).

We try to make things understandable even for pre-schoolers!

Your dream. Our mission.

Verteco digital services

Without measurement there is no growth. Thanks to possibility of measuring all the traffic in online world,  we can take your business
to the next level.

We must be knowledgeable and up to speed on our industry since we invest hundreds of thousands of euros in advertising. We place a strong emphasis on fostering a learning atmosphere where team members frequently suggest insightful books, programs, and more study.

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Norman Bystrican

Executive director

Alexandra Sedliakova

Digital media manager

Lenka Blahova

Account team manager

Veronika Polakovicova

Head website designer

Natalia Sevcikova

Head graphic designer

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About - - Verteco