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We will find the most suitable customers for you and then we will send them a well thought out e-mail.

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Expand with EasyExpand

What are the benefits of EasyExpand?

How does it work?

Choose the country and segment of your target group

We will start an automated search with our special software EasyExpand

EasyExpand will create a user-friendly database (possibility to export your own contacts to excel)

You will give us the text of the desired email (we can be helpful of course) or we shoot a short video with your corporate video presentation

EasyExpand will automatically send emails to selected groups ( possibility of addressing, timing and planned intervals)

Customers will respond directly to your email

How to make your email more interesting?

Present yourself in the video!

3 reasons why video is better than traditional text:
– Quick times, people watch rather than read.
– You’ll be unconventional, video as an outreach email is still not a traditional form.
– Higher trustability (customers will see you live, that you’re not a garage company).


Is it possible to send
the video by email?

Yes, of course.
We will edit the video so that it does not exceed the maximum size that is acceptable for e-mail communication.

Expand with EasyExpand

Make sure we are the right solution for you.

If you are interested in our offer, do not hesitate to contact us for a price offer.