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Make your business do more, better & cheaper.


Simplify, optimize, automate.

At, we automate everything from emails and workflows to applications and systems. This allows your organization to enhance productivity across all areas and teams, accelerate development processes, and avoid numerous challenges. Automation is the key to organizing your business as it empowers you to establish workflows that improve efficiency, transparency, and communication in all areas. We create robust solutions that grow as quickly as you do.

make your business grow faster and cut costs

Business process automation & AI - - Verteco

Transforming businesses, one process at a time

Today, we use a multitude of external applications in our work to accelerate productivity. However, their quantity keeps growing, thus increasing the time and money you have to invest in them. Whether it’s email applications, accounting programs, social networks, and more, thanks to automation, we can offer you a unique solution to connect these applications. This will boost your productivity, ensure the smooth operation of applications in the background, and thus free up your time or financial burden.

Unlock your business potential with AI automation

Automation is one of the most direct paths to expanding your business and there are many reasons to adopt it as soon as possible. If you have a successful business and feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day to develop it, then it’s time to consider how to automate your work.

What automations do we provide?

Embrace automation, a direct and effective strategy for business expansion. If you’re steering a successful enterprise but feel constrained by the number of hours in a day, it’s time to consider the transformative power of automation.

Business process automation & AI - - Verteco
Business process automation & AI - - Verteco

Introductory meeting

You get to know us, we get to know you. We’ll talk about the basics and hear your idea.

Business process automation & AI - - Verteco

Solution design

We have experience with automation and have idea what each business needs for ideal functioning.

Business process automation & AI - - Verteco


We discuss proposals together – so that the solutions are as effective as possible.

Business process automation & AI - - Verteco

Creation of software

We create software and implement strategies according to a pre-agreed plan.

Business process automation & AI - - Verteco

Analysis, Optimization, Building

We make data and machine learning work. You can rely on us.

Business process automation & AI - - Verteco

Long-term cooperation

We are also available for other pages – whether it is website modifications or a new logo.

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